Design Philosophy

At the core of what we do is belief in the power of design to transform the way you feel. 


We believe that our best skill is an ability to listen. Our interiors reflect your personality and the unique way in which you and your family use your space.


In our period renovations, we use historically accurate finishes and fixtures to create timeless, authentic design statements that still work for today’s lifestyles. We intentionally avoid design fads, and instead choose elements that will stand the test of time.


Our specialty is integrating vintage building materials, original art, and antique furniture with contemporary furnishings to lend rooms a sense of depth and patina that makes them warm, inviting and eclectic.


We strongly feel that luxury has less to do with expensive finishes, and more to do with thoughtfulness and customization. Ultimately, it’s about making things perfect for you. Envision the oversized mudroom that defies the chaos of five teenage boys or the vintage yardstick nailed to a door frame to record a toddler’s growth —these are the things that will move you after the furniture and fabrics have become background.


Our look comes from layering beautiful materials and textures to create timeless, extraordinary rooms that seduce you with their overall form rather than hit you over the head with any one element.


Before we discuss designs, we look at how long you will be in the home, how your needs may change over time and what is appropriate given the current real estate market.  While most of our clients are not severely budget constrained, we recognize that more is not always more.  We take the time to weigh budgets and design intention throughout the project.

Planned to the Last Detail

While design is an art, it is also a science. Our project management skills are just as valuable as our design sense. Every detail is designed before a hammer is struck—down to the exact location of outlets and how they will land in a decorative tile backsplash. This level of planning streamlines communications with clients and tradespeople, reduces change orders and ensures that we’ve thought of absolutely everything.